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Patriot Excavating provides a variety of site work to serve construction and earthwork projects and provide services to meet environmental regulatory standards.

Site Work

Planning, preparation and finishing a job site. Experienced commercial and residential construction estimators and project managers. 


Hydrovac and Trenching

Dig, install and back fill utility lines and conduit.

Water, sewer, and septic.

Electrical conduit and gas line installation.

HydroVac Operations.jpeg

Finish Grading

Site to a specific grade.

Cut to fill for roadways and parking lots.

Cutting in curb and gutter, building swales and drainage ponds.


Excavation and Demolition

Precision excavation for any site work project.

Concrete, asphalt, and base demolition and removal.

Cutting and excavating to site specifications.
High focus on safety while operating heavy equipment.

Interior Concrete Demolition Excavation

Erosion Control

Hydromulch and hydroseeding operations. 

  • Pre-tilling and drill seeding options

  • Seeding to meet site specifications

Straw waddle installation.

Silt fence installation.



Road construction jobs, commercial building pads and residential subdivisions. 

Pac Rim Foundation 6.png
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