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Patriot Excavating provides high quality horizontal directional drilling to execute on pipe installations, fiber plowing,  civil and environmental projects, 

HDD Services:

Fiber & 5G

Water lines & sewer lines

Gas lines

Telecoms & Communication lines


Fiber plow

Fluid Management

Support Equipment


Project completion starts with executing work with clear specifications of a drill path and surrounding utility identification. We excavate boring pits with minimal surface disruption. Drilling will proceed with an initial pilot hole. Then the pilot hole is pre-reamed to enlarge the bore path to the size specification for product line installation. 

Crews are equipped with advanced HDD skills to provide exceptional work through HDD safety, drilling preparation and planning, drilling fluids and mixing, utility identification and locating, tracking electronics, downhole tooling, drill preventative maintenance, and vacuum excavation. 

Our successful Directional Boring crews focus on safety and reliability. When you hire a Patriot HDD crew you won't be disappointed!

HDD Technician

Contact Drew Galang to get a Patriot HDD crew on your project.

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